OCHE pasta and macaroni

Indulge in Quality Pasta with AHFA PLC’s OCHE Brand

In the world of home-cooked delights, Long Cut Pasta and Short Cut Pasta reign supreme. AHFA PLC takes pride in presenting these cherished classics under the renowned OCHE brand.

Our commitment to exceptional pasta begins with our very own durum mill, where we meticulously craft the high-quality flour that forms the soul of OCHE pasta. This flour is the essence of our commitment to superior taste and texture.

We are dedicated to delivering only the finest products to our cherished customers and esteemed organizations. Our production is tailored to meet your pasta needs, ensuring your culinary aspirations are always fulfilled.

Select AHFA PLC, and let your taste buds explore the heights of culinary excellence with our premium pasta. Experience the difference – savor the excellence. Your table, our quality.

Choose AHFA PLC, and elevate your culinary experiences with our high-quality pasta. Taste the difference, and savor the excellence.