oche ghee

OCHE Ghee is not just a replacement for traditional animal fat-based butter; it’s a delightful revelation for your taste buds. We’ve crafted a healthier alternative to elevate your culinary experiences.

Our secret ingredient? The versatile palm oil, either on its own or blended with other vegetable oils, creates a ghee of exquisite quality and a luxurious texture. But there’s more to it than just culinary charm.

By choosing palm oil, you’re actively reducing the presence of trans-fatty acids – a choice that reflects your concern for your well-being. With AHFA PLC, you can relish a 100% palm oil vegetable ghee under the OCHE brand, catering to the entire nation’s demand.

Join us in savoring a healthier, tastier future with OCHE Palm Oil Vegetable Ghee. It’s not just good for you; it’s a little piece of culinary love that elevates your every meal. Your healthier and lovelier choice, OCHE’s dedication to your well-being.