OCHE Ketchup: Unveiling a World of Flavor

At AHFA PLC, we’ve taken a giant leap forward with the establishment of our state-of-the-art tomato ketchup processing plant, boasting a remarkable daily capacity of 12 tons. Our journey to delight your taste buds begins with the introduction of OCHE Ketchup.

The OCHE Ketchup Difference:

– Crafted from sun-ripened organic tomatoes, sourced exclusively from Upper Awash Farm.

– We’re committed to natural and organic ingredients, ensuring a wholesome experience.

– Our secret lies in natural flavors developed in the world’s finest laboratory, IFF.

– Double sterilization guarantees the highest quality for every bottle.

– Rigorous quality control is maintained through two modern, technology-equipped laboratories.

A Symphony of Flavors:

OCHE Ketchup is available in three delightful flavors:

– Regular

– Hot

– Spicy

The Perfect Fit for Every Occasion:

Choose from five convenient sizes:

– 10 grams

– 340 grams

– 750 grams

– 2 kilograms

– 5 kilograms

What Sets Us Apart:

– Natural taste

– Freshness that’s unmistakable

– The thickest ketchup on the market

– Silky-smooth texture that delights the palate

– Nutrient-packed for the well-being of all age groups

– Completely free from inorganic additives

Our Promise:

“The Best Ketchup Money Can Buy”

Indulge in OCHE Ketchup, where flavor knows no bounds, and quality reigns supreme. Your journey to culinary excellence starts here. Bon appétit!