Ahfa PLC, established in 1992, which is based and led  office in Addis Ababa. Ahfa PLC is engaged in the production and supply of high quality OCHE Pasta, OCHE Macaroni, OCHE Shortening, OCHE vegetable Ghee, OCHE Margarine and Wheat Flour. We are also the primary and sole distributor of OCHE Sunflower oil.  

Ahfa PLC aims to satisfy its customers, as well as the country’s overall demand by our distribution chain located throughout the country. The factory produces 375,000 quintals annually with different types.

We, at Ahfa PLC, have always put great emphasis on our relationship with employees, suppliers and customers. Our goal is to keep expanding our business and to penetrate new export markets with a wide range of high value-added products.

The company has above 200 well experienced and highly professional staffs and workforce, whom we provide with the best possible work environment, welfare, and safety. Understanding and fulfilling the requirements of our customers, maintaining and escalating our policy of continual improvement, product development, customer service, and encouraging a corporate philosophy of Commitment to Excellence among our employees and suppliers are the general guidelines.


 We believe that success depends upon the supply of safe, high Quality Foods which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We are committed to continuous improvement which is measured and evaluated for effectiveness both internally and externally. The company believes that responsibility for achieving quality commitments lies with each AHFA employee in the execution of their job.  Food safety is the responsibility of all employees that have direct influence on ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, storage, and transportation of our product

The following Food safety and quality principles are the foundation of AHFA’s commitment:  

  • Meet or exceed all statutory, regulatory, and customer requirements for quality and food safety.
  • Ensure consistent Food safety and quality performance through implementation and certification of an Integrated Food safety and Quality management system compliant to ISO22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015 requirements and the AHFA Quality standards of operation.
  • Continually review Food safety and Quality polices, standards, and procedures to effectively manage food safety risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies.
  • Communicate food safety and quality requirements to suppliers, contractors and customers by establishing specifications for ingredients, packaging materials and storage.
  • Communicate Food safety and quality requirements, strategies and performance to associates, customers and principal stakeholders that have an impact on, or are affected by the Company’s Food safety and quality management systems.


It is our vision to become one of the leading company’s in manufacturing and delivering of quality and safe food product in Ethiopia.


It is our mission to deliver affordable products to our customers through utilizing locally available raw materials to produce high quality and safe products that offer exceptional value.


  • High level professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Excellence, simplicity, dependability, and honesty.
  • Long-term relationships
  • Team work
  • Accountability