Ahfa PLC, established in 1992, which is based and led  office in Addis Ababa. Ahfa PLC is engaged in the production and supply of high quality OCHE Pasta, OCHE Macaroni, OCHE Shortening, OCHE vegetable Ghee, OCHE KETCHUP, OCHE Margarine and Wheat Flour. We are also the primary and sole distributor of OCHE Sunflower oil.  

Ahfa PLC aims to satisfy its customers, as well as the country’s overall demand by our distribution chain located throughout the country. The factory produces 375,000 quintals annually with different types.

We, at Ahfa PLC, have always put great emphasis on our relationship with employees, suppliers and customers. Our goal is to keep expanding our business and to penetrate new export markets with a wide range of high value-added products.

The company has above 200 well experienced and highly professional staffs and workforce, whom we provide with the best possible work environment, welfare, and safety. Understanding and fulfilling the requirements of our customers, maintaining and escalating our policy of continual improvement, product development, customer service, and encouraging a corporate philosophy of Commitment to Excellence among our employees and suppliers are the general guidelines.


AHFA PLC operates within the food processing industry and produces items like Shortening, vegetable Ghee, Pasta and Macaroni.

  • The company places a high value on its employees, owning to provide a secure, healthful and positive work environment, with a goal of preventing work related injuries and illnesses for employees, contractors, visitors and others, AHFA is dedicated to ongoing enhancements in work place safety and health. This is achieved by fostering employee’s engagement, adhering to relevant legal company-specific occupational health and safety (OH&S MS) requirements.
  • The company’s prosperity hinges on the provision of safe and superior good products that not only meet but exceeds the expectations of its customers. AHFA remains committed to continuous improvement approach that undergoes assessment for effectiveness both internally and externally. Ensuring food safety, quality and occupational health and safety is a shared responsibility among all employees involved in various stages of the production process. This includes those who have direct influence on ingredients, operation, manufacturing, packaging, storage, and transportation of products. These Collaborative efforts in these areas help to maintain high standards and prevent potential risks that could affect both the product and the well-being of the employees and our customers.

The following food safety, quality and OH&S principles are the foundation of AHFA’s commitment:
 Meet or exceed all regulatory requirements in quality, food safety, health and safe working environment.
Ensure consistent Food safety, quality, occupational health and safety performance. This is accomplished by implementation ISO22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 requirements and the AHFA Quality standards of operation.
 Continually review Food safety, Quality, occupational health, safety policies, procedures and risks associated with changes in product process and technologies.
 Communicate food safety, quality and occupational health safety requirements to suppliers, contractors and customers by establishing specifications for ingredients, packaging materials, storage and other standards.
 Communicate Food safety, occupational health and safety and quality system requirements, strategies and performance to associates, customers and principal stakeholders that have an impact on, or are affected by the Company’s Food safety and quality and occupational health and safety management systems.
The management of AHFA will provide all of the resources necessary in terms of infrastructure, ongoing staff training and development to ensure the company delivers on its Food safety, occupational health, safety and quality policy commitment to its customers.

General Manager
July, 25/2023


The company visions becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the industry engaged in food processing business in the year 2025. Plans to strive through expanding its market share by manufacturing OCHE Food Products that meets the demanded quantity, type, price and quality.



  • Satisfy local consumer’s need by providing quality, healthy, suitable and reasonably priced food products. In pursuing this, we implement adequately trained manpower, advanced technology, quality and safety standards.
  • Provide freight transport service to domestic users at affordable price by implementing modern control system, deploying trustworthy, experienced and competent drivers with a sense of ownership.
  • Importing various quality goods and supply consumers at a reasonable price.


The following core values will be effective to satisfy customer demand through supply of prompt, quality standard and affordable products:

  • Strive for Quality               
  •  loyalty
  •   Affordability
  •  Accessibility
  •  Customer
  • satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Accountability
  •   Transparency