WHO we are

Welcome to the official website of AHFA PVT LTD CO. we are glad you have reached our website to obtain more information about what we do.

AHFA PVT LTD is a fast growing company working hard in both manufacturing and trading sector in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for more than twenty-five years of combined industry

Our Expertise: Import & Transport Services


Experience the future with us as we specialize in importing the latest modern cars and high-quality sunflower oil. Quality meets innovation in every product we bring to you.

Transport Services:

Our comprehensive dry cargo transport services seamlessly cover the entire country. Facilitated by our advanced fleet of modern trucks, equipped with a real-time tracking system, we ensure your cargo’s safe and efficient journey. Trust us with your cargo, and we guarantee a reliable and watchful service.

Discover the excellence of AHFA, where your needs drive our commitment to quality and service




brand new cars

oche sunflowr oil

high quality oche sunflower oil

what do clients say about us

AHFA PVT LTD CO exceeded our expectations with their prompt delivery and top-notch service

My family and I are devoted fans of your products. The entire range is exceptional, but your Ghee product stands out as a pinnacle of quality. We’re genuinely delighted with our decision to choose your outstanding products. Thank you!

Your pasta and macaroni products are absolutely fantastic. The unparalleled quality and consistent standards of your products make them my top choice. Please, continue to maintain these exceptional qualities. I take great pride in choosing your brand. Thank you!”

OCHE Ghee is my absolute favorite. I’ve heard OCHE offers a wide range of high-quality products, but I find myself reaching for OCHE Ghee, especially during the fasting season. It’s truly a wonderful choice, and both my family and I absolutely love it.

Product and Service

saris abo next to noc station Addis Ababa , Ethiopia AHFA PLC

tel phone :- +251114708095


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